Supplier Management at Kärcher

For Kärcher and its subsidiaries, suppliers are very much an important success factor. Thus, we prefer to integrate our suppliers into our value chain to achieve the possible best results for both Kärcher and our suppliers.


Kärcher as a company set up the following principles of particular importance:

For streamlined and more efficient cooperation with our suppliers, Kärcher has implemented a system for supplier lifecycle management called SLC from the company SAP. With this system, we can encompass the entire strategic supplier management, as this system covers the entire lifecycle of a supplier within a company.

To be more precise, the SLC system can control the following processes:

This platform enables fast and easy communication for both potential and existing suppliers with our company.

Login to the supplier portal:

The supplier portal at Kärcher offers a common platform for communication between our suppliers and Kärcher. To login to the supplier portal as an already registered supplier, please click the following link:

Registration as a new supplier:

The self-registration for suppliers is intended for all companies which are interested in becoming a supplier for Kärcher (for both products and/or services). With the self-registration, companies worldwide can apply as a potential supplier for Kärcher on their own.
Thus, the registration is the first step for a company to establish a business relationship with Kärcher. For accessing the self-registration page of Kärcher, please click the following link:

The following link leads to our download-area for suppliers: