High pressure washer HD 8/23 G

The HD 8/23 G with a water volume of 800 l/h! For construction, industry and agriculture. Very mobile, easy to service, with a robust crankshaft pump and sophisticated accessories concept.

The new HD 8/23 G has a considerable water volume of 800 l/h. The high-pressure cleaner is fitted with a powerful combustion engine and therefore does not require a mains power supply. This makes it ideal for use in construction, industry and agriculture. The machine is very mobile and easy to service. It also includes a sophisticated accessories concept and robust crankshaft pump, with proven Kärcher quality.

Features and benefits
High pressure washer HD 8/23 G: High level of autonomy
High level of autonomy
Can be used independently of a power supply thanks to powerful gasoline engines. Using optional accessories, the machines can draw in water, for example from ponds and lakes.
High pressure washer HD 8/23 G: Accessories concept
Accessories concept
Practical intake for hose and high-pressure lance directly on the machine. Storage compartment for nozzles, tools and other small parts.
High pressure washer HD 8/23 G: Outstanding mobility
Outstanding mobility
Ergonomic push handle for easier transport. Large wheels with pneumatic tyres for uneven surfaces. The layout of the wheels makes it possible to transport the machine on steps.
Easy to service and durable
  • Robust crankshaft pump with proven Kärcher quality.
  • Large water filter protects pump against damage.
  • Thermostat valve to protect the pump from overheating in recirculation mode.

Technical data

Flow rate (l/h) 800
Working pressure (bar/MPa) 230 / 23
Max. pressure (bar) 280
Motor type G300FA / gasoline
Number of simultaneous users 1
Mobility High
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 53.7
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 60.7
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 799 x 637 x 1097


  • Spray gun, Easy Press trigger gun
  • High-pressure hose, 10 m
  • Power nozzle
  • Motor, Petrol
High pressure washer HD 8/23 G
High pressure washer HD 8/23 G
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