Vacuum sweeper KM 100/100 R D

Modern and comfortable ride-on sweeper for professional use in outdoor and indoor area. Ideal for areas from 8000 to 10,400 m².

The ride-on sweeper KM 100/100 R D with 4.1 kW Yanmar motor with pneumatics has one pedal for forward and reverse motion, as well as an automatic vacuum parking brake. The machine has a turning circle of only 3350 mm and works according to the throw-over principle. The sweeper roller is floating and automatically adapted to ground unevenness. Thanks to a sophisticated locking system, the sweeper roller can be exchanged without any tools. The coarse dirt flap is conveniently operated with a foot pedal and allows the simple pick-up of coarse dirt. The side brush and sweeper roller are driven hydraulically and switched on via the EASY Operation system. A second side brush (left) is available as an option.The two dirt containers can be removed at the side.The motor is automatically switched off when you leave the seat.

Features and benefits
Vacuum sweeper KM 100/100 R D: Impact protection
Impact protection
Protects the sweeper and obstacles within the area being cleaned.
Vacuum sweeper KM 100/100 R D: Large filter area with automatic filter cleaning system
Large filter area with automatic filter cleaning system
The filter is automatically cleaned when the machine is switched off – for continuous low-dust sweeping for long periods of uninterrupted use. Filter cleaning can also take place manually. Filter replacement without tools.
Vacuum sweeper KM 100/100 R D: Easy to maintain
Easy to maintain
Filter and roller brush easy to remove without tools for flexible maintenance.
EASY Operation operating concept
  • Clear and logical arrangement of all controls in the handle and field of view for ease of use.
  • Standard symbols for all Kärcher sweepers.

Technical data

Traction drive Four-stroke engine
Drive– performance (kW) 4.4
Drive type Diesel
Max. area performance (m²/h) 8000
Max. area performance with 2 side brushes (m²/h) 10400
Working width (mm) 700
Working width with 1 side brush (mm) 1000
Working width with two side brushes (mm) 1300
Waste container (l) 100
Climbing ability (%) 18
Working speed (km/h) 8
Filter areas (m²) 6
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 340
Weight, ready to uset (kg) 300
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 2006 x 1005 x 1343


  • Polyester round filter
  • Filter cleaning manual
  • Filter cleaning automatic
  • Main sweeper roller, floating
  • Suction volume regulation
  • Coarse dirt flap
  • Overhead sweeping principle
  • Forwards traction drive
  • Backwards traction drive
  • Suction
  • Outdoor use
  • Elapsed time counter
  • Sweeping function, can be switched off
  • Wheels, pneumatic
Vacuum sweeper KM 100/100 R D
Application areas
  • For rapid maintenance cleaning in car parks
  • Perfect for building service contractors, in the retail sector or public buildings.
  • Also suitable for workshops, schools, service stations or car dealerships
  • Also suitable for cleaning production areas and warehouses