Bend, DN 35, metal

DN 35 chrome-plated metal bend for wet and dry vacuum cleaners by Kärcher. The bend has a cone connection at both the hose end and the accessory end.

Developed for suction hoses with DN 35 cone connection, the robust chrome-plated metal bend also has a cone connection at the accessory end, to connect to a suction tube or suction nozzle. With the appropriate adapter, (DN 35 adapter clip on DN 35 cone), the metal bend can also be used with suction hoses with a clip connection.


Technical data

Quantity (Unit) 1
Standard nominal width Nominal width 35
Weight (Kilogram) 0.176
Weight incl. packaging (Kilogram) 0.18
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Millimetre) 352 x 78 x 34