Suction lips, oil-resistant, closed, 1300 mm

The closed profile of this suction lip set is ideal for heavily textured floors. High quality, 1,300 mm long version made of oil-resistant polyurethane for use on angled squeegees.

With a length of 1,300 millimetres, the closed version of this suction lip set has been developed especially for textured floors. The closed profile efficiently prevents the loss of suction power which can otherwise occur on textured surfaces. The front suction lip is for two-fold use, and the rear suction lip for four-fold use. The set is designed for angled squeegees and consists of high quality, oil-resistant, hard-wearing, transparent polyurethane.


Technical data

Length (Millimetre) 1300
Quantity per Unit (Unit) 1
Quantity 2
Colour transparent
Type of suction lips oil-resistant, closed
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Millimetre) 1300