Suction lips, oil-resistant, grooved, 1300 mm

Fluted standard suction lip set for all conventional floors. Made of oil-resistant, transparent polyurethane. With a length of 1,300 mm, specially developed for use on angled squeegees.

This high-quality, oil-resistant, hard-wearing transparent polyurethane version of the suction lip set, consisting of front and rear squeegee blades, will win you over. The suction lips have a length of 1,300 millimetres. They are fluted and thus ideal for all standard floors. The front suction lip is for two-fold use, and the rear suction lip for four-fold use. The set is specially designed for angled squeegees.


Technical data

Length (Millimetre) 1300
Quantity per Unit (Unit) 1
Quantity 2
Colour transparent
Type of suction lips oil-resistant, grooved
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Millimetre) 1300