Kärcher helps affected bushfire communities in pursuit of clean air

Air Purifier

What's Happening?

The 2019/2020 Australian Summer has seen many communities and towns wiped out by one of the worst bushfire seasons encountered in decades. The devastation it has caused has been monumental; and with forecasts of the bushfires going right through Summer and deep into Autumn, people in the affected communities are in need of assistance. 

Knock on effects. Air Quality.

It's not only the areas directly where the fires are / have been that have felt the affects - neighbouring towns and states have had their air quality dramatically decreased due to the smoke. Many of these towns have had the air quality reach hazardous levels for long periods of time. This is causing tremendous health risks to people living within these communities - and with no saying on how long these hazardous air quality levels will last, Kärcher wants to make a difference and help those being affected.

What are we doing?

Kärcher Australia has expedited $350,000 of commercial grade Air Purifiers to donate to local communities most affected by this poor air quality - that can be used in places like day care centres, schools, elderly homes, animal shelters, other local community centres & hospitals. 

How do our AF 100 Air Purifiers work?

Our air purifiers are simply turned on and work by filtering the air that flows through, returning it to a high quality. They can clean air in areas up to 100m2.

There are numerous types of unclean air that our universal filters can clean, with smoke being one of them. Not only will it reduce the haze, but the air that is filtered and sent back out is also purified. 

The displays on the front of the machine indicate the air quality at all times. The higher the number, the worse the air quality within that space. The filter lifetime is also displayed. 

The lights are also indicators of the air quality. If the machine illuinates red, the air is at a dangerous level. The light green / yellow colour indicates the air quality is still poor, but not nearly as dangerous. The blue illuminated light indicates the air has returned to a high quality level.

The video on the right shows how a room full of smoke can quickly become a room with high air quality in a matter of minutes. 

How to set up The Air Purifier's

The great thing about our AF 100 Air Purifier's is that they are very easy to set up. Below is a step by step guide, along with a video than explains exactly how it is unboxed and operated.

1. Take the product out of the box.

2. Take the side panel off the product.

3. Take the filter cover off.

4. Remove the filter and take off the plastic.

5. Gently put the filter back inside the product the same way it was sitting before it was taken out.

6. Put the filter cover back in.

7. Place the side panel back on.

8. Repeat process on the other side of the air purifier.

9. Insert the plug into the back of the machine and connect it to a powerpoint.

10. Turn on the machine via the ON button along the top of the Air Purifier. 

How can you make a difference?

Do you work / volunteer in a communal area that has been suffering from poor air quality due to smoke haze?

Register here for a Kärcher AF 100 Air Purifier to be donated to you:

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A snapshot of where we've been so far

Aged Care

Traralgon Aged Care

Drouin Mens Shed

Drouin Men's Shed

community house

Rosedale Community House

Kärcher is no stranger in assisting with global crisis events, helping numerous times before, such as the Earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Pakistan Floods in 2010 and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013.

You can read up on the full Haiti Earthquake story here.

Thank you to our partners who have helped make this happen!


Keuhne + Nagel Group

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Freight People

Freight People, Karcher's local Australian logistics provider, is donating the cost of distribution of Air Purifiers to the affected communities. Matt Marshall, Freight People director commented "the bushfire season has impacted many local Australian communities, and Freight People, whom have committed to being carbon neutral by 2022, are grateful at the opportunity to support this initiative.''