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By using a Kärcher Carpet Cleaner, you can deep clean the fibres and remove unwanted stains!

Perfect for carpet, car seats, couches and even mattresses.

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Whilst vacuuming will remove dirt on the top of your surface, the Kärcher SE 5.100 Spray Extractor is a carpet cleaning machine that will actually deep clean the area and remove unwated stains.

It works by spraying cleaning chemical deep into the fibres which loosens the dirt and grime and then vacuuming it away until the area is clean.

Watch the video below to see how goes against nasty coke stains on carpet!

See Our How-to Guides

Kärcher Carpet Cleaners can also be used to clean car seats, mattresses or even for upholstery cleaning.

See our how-to guides below complete with a step-by-step instructional video. 

How to clean your car seats

How to clean your car seats

A guide on how to clean your car seats, carpet and even the interior roof with a Kärcher Carpet Cleaner!

How to clean a mattress

How to clean your mattress

Learn how to get those nasty mattress stains out with a Kärcher Carpet Cleaner.

How to clean your carpet

How to clean your carpet

Whether it's removing red wine stains or kids vomit, there's no stain our SE 5.100 Carpet Cleaner can't handle!