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HD 5/11 P icon

Get a free dirt blaster with each HD 5/11 P purchase

HD 5/12 C

Get a free foam bottle with each HD 5/12 C Plus

HD 5/12 CX Plus

Free hard surface cleaner with any HD 5/12 CX Plus purchase and save more than $300.

G 3200 XH

Special price on G 3200 XH.

Hd 9/23

Claim your free hose reel with each HD 9/23 G Adv and HD 9/23 De Adv purchase

HD 7/15 and HD 8/20 icon

Free nozzle and detegent pack with any HD 7/15 G Adv and HD 8/20 G Adv purchase.

HDS 5/12 , HDS 6/14 C, HDS 7/12 -4M

Free foam bottle and hose pack with each HDS 5/12 C, HDS 12/18-4 S and HDS 7/12 - 4M purchase

NT 20/1 Ap Te

Get a free filter bag pack with any NT 20/1 Ap Te, NT 35/1 Tact and NT 40/1 Tact Te purchase.

Puzzi 8/1 C

Free detegent tabs with any Puzzi 8/1 C and Puzzi 10/1 purchase

KM 70/20 C

Clean up faster than any broom with KM 70/20 C.

Online redemption offers

Free vac

Redeem a free vac with each BR 40/10 C ADv and BD 50/50 C Bp Classic purchase.

Free G 3200 XH

Claim your free G 3200 XH petrol pressure washer with each KM 105/110 R Bp+KSSB purchase.

Free HD 5/11 P

Claim your free HD 5/11 P cold water pressure washer with each KM 130/300 R D Classic and B 300 R I LPG purchase.

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