Scrubber Dryers

Even the crevices sparkle. Using high contact pressure, scrubbers can clean, strip and polish both uneven and smooth floors or shampoo carpets.

Kärcher  Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

Clean small areas quickly: These scrubber driyers ensure sparkling cleanliness between customer visits. More economical than wet wiping from 100 m²:

Kärcher  Step On Scrubber Dryers

Step On Scrubber Dryers

Users of these machines stand on the platform. The innovative step-on concept combines the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind with the speed of a ride-on.

Kärcher  Ride On Scrubber Dryers

Ride On Scrubber Dryers

Suitable from 1500 m²: Kärcher ride-on scrubber dryers are the comfortable alternative to large walk-behind machines. Particularly manoeuvrable thanks to their narrow width!