Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Here you can see what our Professional Wet & Dry Vacuum range has to offer and what seperates us from our competition.

Industry Solutions

Not only does our Wet & Dry range have the ability to pick up dangerous construction dusts, they also have the capacity to clean up nasty spills around industrial & automotive worksites.





automotive vacuum



TACT Filter Cleaning Technology

We understand that on construction or industrial sites, often large amounts of debris is being vacuumed for long periods of time.

Our TACT technology automatically cleans your filter while you clean.

This allows you to vacuum for longer without interuption, saving you time & increasing your efficiency. 

View our full TACT class range here.

L and M Class Vacuums Available

Many in the construction industry will know dusts are categorised into three classes, being L, M & H. 

For traditional construction we have L class Wet & Dry Vacuums.

For silica dust, we have M class options which are recommended by WorkSafe for silica dust prevention.

You can learn more about construction dusts here.

m class

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Where can I buy a Kärcher Professional Wet & Dry Vacuum?

Our Professional range of Wet & Dry Vacuums are available at our Kärcher Centers and Kärcher Authorised Dealers right across Australia. 

You can view our Authorised Dealer Search tool to find your closest dealer here.


For information on our Professional Wet & Dry range, please contact our customer care team.


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