Vlakfilter PES

Vlies, rotvrij, BIA-C getest, stofklasse M

Flat pleated filter (PES) – BIA-C dust class M - rotproof polyester fleece, ideal for wet use and abrasives. Standard filter for NT 35/1 Eco BS and NT 55/1 Eco BS, optional for all NT 361 Eco to NT 611 Eco versions as well as new vacuum cleaners such as NT 35/1 Eco to NT 55/1 Eco. Not suitable for safety vacuum cleaner NT 361 Eco H and NT 561 Eco H and NT 35/1 Eco H as well as NT 45/1 Eco H.


Technische gegevens

Aantal (stuk(s)) 1
Gewicht (kg) 0,2
Gewicht (incl. doos) (kg) 0,3
Afmetingen (l x b x h) (mm) 240 x 140 x 55