Hose trolley HT 4.520 Kit 1/2

Very mobile hose trolley with storage hook and accessories holder. With height-adjustable push fork, angled connection adapter, free-running crank handle and sophisticated folding function.

Trolley to go! The new, fully assembled HT 4.520 Kit 1/2" hose trolley with accessory storage for sprayer, spray lance etc., as well as storage hooks for the short hose, is full of ideas. Practical: the chore of dragging the long hose through the garden is no longer necessary, since the manoeuvrable trolley is always at the user's side for watering. The long hose is connected to the tap, unrolls over the ground and stays there. In this way, beds, bushes, furniture and hose remain intact. Watering is then conveniently carried out around the hose trolley using the shorter hose. Nothing else stands in the way of garden care! What's more, the HT 4.520 kit 1/2" is easy to store and requires minimum space thanks to the innovative folding function. Features: Height-adjustable handle, 20 m 1/2" PrimoFlex® hose, nozzle, 3 x hose connectors, 1 x hose connector with Aqua Stop, G3/4 tap adaptor and G1/2 reducer. Capacity: 50 m 1/2" hose or 35 m 5/8" hose or 23 m 3/4" hose. Fully assembled.

Features and benefits
1x standard hose connector with Aqua Stop
20 m 1/2" PrimoFlex® hose
3x standard hose connectors
Angled hose connection
Fully assembled
Spray lance or nozzle attachment option
  • For increased mobility.
Free-running crank handle
  • Easy operation for unwinding or winding up the hose.
G3/4 tap adaptor and G1/2 reducer
Large wheels
  • For increased mobility.
Height-adjustable handle

Technical data

Hose capacity (m) max. 20 (1/2")
Bursting pressure (bar) 24
Weight (kg) 4,9
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 5
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 440 x 485 x 857
-- When connecting these products to the drinking water network, you must observe the requirements of EN 1717. If necessary, ask your sanitary specialist.


  • Cone jet
  • Point jet
 Hose trolley HT 4.520 Kit 1/2
 Hose trolley HT 4.520 Kit 1/2
Application areas
  • For watering medium-sized to large surfaces and gardens
  • For watering under trees and bushes
  • For watering large-surface kitchen gardens
  • For cleaning garden machines and garden furniture