What grandmothers did not yet know From vacuum cleaners to the fully automatic RoboCleaner: Kärcher vacuum cleaners offer the best. Our machines stand out due to their extraordinary operating comfort and surprising innovations.

Kärcher  Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners

The new VC vacuum cleaners impress with their energy efficiency and comfort. With EasySlider obstacle guide, QuickClick system, cord storage, HEPA 12 filter (EN1822:1998).

Kärcher  Water filter vacuum cleaners

Water filter vacuum cleaners

Letting allergy sufferers breathe deeply: the Kärcher vacuum cleaner with innovative water filter technology, for clean floors and fresh air at the same time.

Kärcher  Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners

Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners

Whether dry or wet, coarse or fine, the Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners remove all dirt - even large volumes of water. Ideal for car, garage, basement, workshop, renovations and around the house.

Kärcher  Carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners

For allergy sufferers, pet owners and everyone who likes things thoroughly clean: Kärcher carpet cleaners clean textile surfaces such as carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, car seats and wall hangings deep into the fibres.

Kärcher  Robocleaner


Who cleans your floors, when you are away? The RoboCleaner detects and avoids obstacles and automatically returns to base to charge its batteries and empty the dirt it has picked up.

Kärcher  Drill Dust Catcher

Drill Dust Catcher

Dust-free drilling with the Kärcher drill dust catcher DDC 50. For all common drills with drill sizes of up to 10 mm.