The EU Energy Label. Efficiency with clarity.

What Kärcher has long since demonstrated with its existing vacuum cleaners is now European law. Cleaning efficiently with less power.


The EU energy label for vacuum cleaners.

The EU energy label, in effect since 1 September 2014, limits the nominal power of dry vacuum cleaners connected to mains power to a maximum of 1600W. Every device sold in Europe must have the EU energy label.

Compulsory labelling does not apply to wet vacuum cleaners, combined wet and dry vacuum cleaners, battery-powered vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, central vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners for outside areas. Vacuum cleaners with water filters will have to carry the label as of 1 September 2017.

Similar to those already used for household units, the energy label shows important information, such as energy efficiency class (A to G), average annual energy consumption, sound power level, dust emission class as well as cleaning classes for carpets and/or hard floors, in an illustrated and easy-to-understand form.

For buyers, this information is an important decision-making aid for judging the actual efficiency of a vacuum cleaner. In the highest energy efficiency class A, the maximum power input is < 850W.


Effizienz auf einen Blick
Eine Bezugsgröße zum Vergleichen
Leistung statt Lautstärke
Staub saugen und zurückhalten
Hart und weich sauber getrennt

* Data applies to VC 6 and VC 6 Premium.

Summe der Eigenschaften

The sum of all attributes makes the difference

To judge a vacuum cleaner solely by its power input does not work in practice. The energy consumption should always be considered in relation to the values shown at the bottom of the energy label. In addition to the energy efficiency label and cleaning performance, operating noise and the dust emission class are also decisive factors to be considered. Depending on the particular area of use, a decision that takes all of the values on the EU energy label into account is likely to be more customer-friendly and better suited to the individual overall.

Buyers benefit from the new energy label as it allows them to compare different models based on objective data and make their purchase decision. Energy-efficient vacuum cleaners can save households money each year in energy costs compared to old high wattage vacuum cleaners.