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Use of the eco!efficiency mode on many HDS machines ensures:

  • superb cleaning results for regular tasks
  • 20% lower CO2 emissions
  • 20% fuel saving

The right accessories

The right choice of accessories for specific applications. With the right accessories you can clean faster and therefore often save electricity and water.

  • Dirt blaster for stubborn dirt combines the advantages of a point jet and flat stream
  • Surface cleaner for large areas
  • Power nozzle generates a 40% higher collision force --> faster and more thorough cleaning guaranteed
  • Rotating wash brushes for gentle and effective vehicle cleaning

Automatic pressure and water volume adjustment directly on the spray gun

With Servo Control, the pressure and water volume can be adjusted directly on
the spray gun:

  • optimum pressure and water volume adjustment according to the cleaning task
  • light dirt can be cleaned off with less water, thereby saving resources

Stop the water supply early

When using a long water supply line, the water supply can, if necessary, be turned off early when there is sufficient water in the water hose and cistern to complete the cleaning task.

Transfer residual cleaning agents quickly and easily

With the Switch-Chem system, cleaning agent bottles cannot be completely emptied. By quickly and simply removing the cleaning agent bottles, the residual quantities can be transferred to the next bottle.

Switch-Chem System