Car dealerships

For every part of your dealership. As car sales continue to become more competitive in the UK, dealers must focus on small details to stand out. Fine details such as immaculate forecourts, spotless showrooms, workshops that demonstrate pride, and beautifully washed cars reflect the dealer's professionalism and give each customer the best impression of the service they are receiving. With the right partner, these details are easy to achieve and can even increase profitability. Kärcher is the only cleaning machine manufacturer to offer a full range of cleaning machines for car dealerships. Our products are diverse, but all have the same qualities in common: improved cleaning results in less time and for less cost. We understand that as much as cleaning is essential, it should be hassle-free, contribute to profitability, protect the value of CI investments, and above all impress every customer.


Perfect first impressions all the time.

Regardless of whether your dealership is contract cleaned or self-cleaned, the right cleaning equipment makes a substantial difference to the way front-of-house areas are presented and the time it takes to clean them. Deep cleaning is often unavoidable but can be very disruptive to a business. Kärcher’s professional cleaning machines deep clean every time they clean, maintaining higher standards of presentation on a daily basis and reducing the need for deep cleans. From floor scrubber driers and carpet vacuums for showrooms, to sweepers and pressure washers for forecourts, our products are simple and safe to operate, keeping cleaning time and downtime to a minimum.


Keep tiled floors looking new, at any time.

Kärcher’s scrubber driers with roller brushes are perfect for tiled showroom floors, thoroughly cleaning grout lines and leaving floors looking like new after every clean, ensuring investments in CI are fully realised and protected, and that floors are safe and compliant with slip tests. Even dark tiles show tyre marks and footprints easily, so a compact scrubber drier is the best choice to keep floors looking like new throughout the day, and as the floor is left dry business can continue as normal. Kärcher scrubber driers are designed to be as narrow and easy to operate as possible, dramatically reducing the risk of damage to showroom stock.


Deep cleaning in hygiene-critical areas.

Our compact steam cleaner cleans hygienically without the need for chemicals. Ideal for laminates, tiles, glass and WCs. It can also be used for detailing of vehicles and stain removal from upholstery. Our largest steamer also includes a vacuum function, making it ideal for fast, streak-free cleaning of laminates and other surfaces that reflect.


Quick and thorough vacuuming

Our tub and upright vacuum cleaners clean showroom and office carpets deep into the pile. Perfect for maintaining high-specification customer lounges.


Pure water at the touch of a button.

Refreshment for customers and staff: our state-of-the-art water dispensers use an innovative automatic filter system and are easily connected to conventional water supplies.

Our products for showroom cleaning

Safe, productive and professionally-presented workshops.

As car manufacturers increasingly develop their dealership CI to make service a more integrated element of the customer experience, the workshop is increasingly becoming a customer-facing area and must be presented as such. Because workshops have vehicles coming in and out all day, and because of the nature of service and repair work, workshop floors need special care and attention to remain safe and well-presented, despite the time constraints placed on staff.


Cut through workshop dirt.

Leaving floors ready for instant re-use, our scrubber driers feature roller brush technology,  the best solution for workshop environments thanks to their high brush speed and pre-sweeping ability. Compact scrubber driers are perfect for spot cleaning throughout the day and for regular cleaning in smaller workshops. Thanks to their light weight and mobility, they can even clean in lift recesses.

Quick change brushes enable our scrubber driers to be used in more than one area of a dealership, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring the right brush is used for each floor type.


Versatile vacuums for spot cleaning

Ideal for picking up spillages and water brought in by vehicles. Our wet & dry vacuums can also be used for picking up dry dirt and even oil spillages, and thanks to their high suction power are perfect for cleaning carpets and upholstery thanks to quick-change tools to suit each job.


Efficient, effective floor cleaning

From compact, highly manoeuvrable walk-behind models to large ride-ons, Kärcher has the right scrubber drier for every workshop, regardless of the number of bays. For larger workshops, a ride-on machine is recommended for the daily deep clean and a compact model is recommended for quick, simple spot cleaning during the day, ensuring safety and spotless presentation at all times. Regular cleaning prevents build-ups of oil, grease, brake dust and tyre marks that can damage tiles and grout lines over time, makes removal of dirt and water transferred from outside easier, and ensures Vehicle Testing Stations are fully compliant with DVSA cleaning requirements.


Safe, effective parts cleaning

Our Biological parts cleaner uses solvent-free, water-based detergent to clean gearboxes, machine parts and tools quickly and thoroughly. This keeps operators safe and eliminates the need for solvent removal and replacement.


Clean wheels and mechanical parts quickly

With hot water high-pressure cleaners with steam mode, engine parts can be cleaned to remove road dirt and films.

Our products for workshop cleaning

Tailor-made vehicle cleaning solutions to suit your business objectives.

Regardless of the number of vehicles cleaned in your dealership each day, Kärcher has the right products and know-how to ensure superb cleaning results in the most efficient way for your business. As the inventor of and market leader in hot water high pressure cleaners, we understand that vehicle valeters want the simplicity, performance, reliability and toughness to ensure quotas are met.


Fast turnaround with spotless results

For larger dealerships and bodyshops that need to clean 30 or more vehicles each day, our automatic rollover washes and water reclaim systems make sound financial sense and provide low costs per wash, supported by our expert consultation service to ensure that the installation is tailored perfectly to each dealership.


Effective cleaning with high pressure

Ideal for pre-washing or detail cleaning, our cold water high pressure cleaners are designed for maximum convenience and performance. Perfect for use where diesel emissions are prohibited or where hot water is not needed. Hot water shifts road dirt, grease and oil residues more quickly than cold water, and can reduce the need for detergent. Many of our hot water models feature a steam function for degreasing and dewaxing tasks.


Fast interior cleaning

For fast but thorough interior cleaning, our ranges of wet & dry vacuums and spray-extraction machines rapidly remove dirt from carpets, upholstery and trim, ensuring the customer is left with a great impression of the service they are receiving.


Slash water costs and environmental impact

Water reclamation using state-of-the-art water treatment systems helps to reduce fresh water consumption, as well as the cost to the environment.

Our products for vehicle cleaning

Cleanliness begins at the entrance.

As the first part of your business a customer sees up close, keeping forecourts and other outdoor areas immaculate is massively important. Kärcher’s sweepers range from compact push-alongs to petrol-powered ride-ons, removing litter, leaves, dust and road dirt with ease and helping to prevent dirt transfer to the showroom. Deep cleans of paved areas are easy with a Kärcher scrubber drier or pressure washer, restoring original finish and ensuring CI standards are met or exceeded.


Sweeping machines for every area size

We can easily advise you on which machines are most suitable for cleaning your surfaces. Floor texture, dirt volumes and cleaning frequency are the decisive factors when it comes to choosing the right sweeper.


Versatile and manoeuvrable sweeping

Outstandingly practical for medium-sized areas: vacuum sweepers with Easy Operation mode, effective mechanical filter cleaning and easy waste emptying make cleaning easy and convenient.


Low cost accessories make machines more versatile

Make use of existing equipment by adding a surface cleaner to a pressure washer to quickly clean outside areas, removing oil and tyre marks.


More efficient than a broom

Mechanically-driven push sweepers are the best product for quick clean-ups and for cleaning smaller areas. They suppress dust and dramatically reduce sweeping time compared to using a broom. Quick, quiet sweeping with minimal effort.


Keep your business running in any conditions

Our KM 80 sweeper/snow mover is perfect for sweeping litter and leaves from forecourts and pathways, and is on-hand to brush away snow as soon as it falls. For heavier snow, an optional plough attachment is available.

Our products for outdoor use