CB 3

A Car Wash really can be flexible, economical and fast. The CB 3 brings these three qualities together within one gantry car wash, leaving no requirement unfulfilled.

In the car washing business, it all comes down to flexibility, speed, efficiency and perfect washing results. The gantry car washes in Kärcher’s CB line are quick to set up, low-maintenance, long-lasting and can be tailored to almost any customer requests. CB line gantry car washes  combine high quality and strong innovation to produce lower input costs and higher profits. Especially durable parts and galvanised steel components ensure reliable operation even with long maintenance intervals. These allow operators to concentrate on what really matters: profitable vehicle cleaning. The three brush CB3 comes with a huge variety of options and upgrades making the single gantry totally flexible whether it be adding High Pressure to various locations, choosing from the many brush materials and colours available, or making the most of the rich foams and high impact polish programs. Whatever your requirement there will be a unique washing proposition available via the CB3 to making washing at your site flexible, fast, efficient and effective.


Technical data

Washing height (mm) 2300 - 2500 - 2800
Fresh water supply (volume) (l/min) 50
Fresh water supply (pressure) (bar) 4 - 6
Voltage (V) 400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Number of current phases (Ph) 3
 CB 3
 CB 3
Cleaning agents