HKF 50 M spray head

Compact interior cleaning head for cleaning containers with openings of 50 millimetres or wider. The device stands out from the crowd with its constant rotational speed and lightweight design.

Compact interior cleaning head, which is ideally suited for cleaning inside vats and containers with narrow openings of 50 millimetres or more. The cleaning head is turned by a 230-volt/50-hertz electric motor. This causes the nozzles to rotate around 2 axes, reaching every inch of the container. The rotational speed remains constant and is not dependent on the water flow rate or water pressure. The low weight (4.3 kg) means there is no need for extra suspension devices (spring balancers or hoists). Operational up to 150 bar, 1200 l/h and 85 °C water temperature. The head measures 575 millimetres in length and the immersion depth is 150 millimetres. The device can be easily connected to a cold-water or hot-water pressure washer via a high-pressure hose. What's more, it can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Features and benefits
Compact dimensions
  • For cleaning inside small containers with narrow opening of 50 mm or more.
  • Flexible fields of application.
Powered by electric motor
  • Constant rotational speed whatever the water flow rate or water pressure.
  • Flexible fields of application.
Low weight
  • No hoists/balancers are needed to suspend the head.
  • Saves on additional installation and maintenance costs.
  • Easy handling – One-handed operation of the head in the container.

Technical data

Connection thread M22 x 1.5
Drive Electric
Number of nozzles (piece(s)) 1 - 2
Operating pressure (bar) 150
Throughput (l/h) 1500
Installation length (mm) 150
Number of current phases (Ph) 1
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Tank opening (mm) min. 50
Water temperature (°C) max. 85
Weight (kg) 4,3
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 575
Application areas
  • For cleaning inside tanks (industry, logistics, public services)
  • Also suitable for cleaning inside IBC containers (tanks)