Window vac WV 1 + KV 4

Window cleaning has never been this easy: First, remove the dirt using the vibrating KV 4 cordless wiper which dispenses water electrically and then vacuum away the dirty water using the WV 1 Window Vac.

Cleaning windows and other smooth surfaces simply, easily and quickly is now effortless with the new Kärcher window cleaner. It perfectly combines the vibrating KV 4 cordless wiper and the WV 1 Window Vac. Firstly, the dirt is loosened from the surface using the vibration function without the need for scrubbing. Excess fluid can then be removed without leaving any streaks or drips. Another benefit of this all-purpose tool: Thanks to its compact design, the Window Vac promises maximum flexibility for any application.

Features and benefits
Window vac WV 1 + KV 4: Low weight
Low weight
Sits comfortably and easily in your hand without making it ache.
Window vac WV 1 + KV 4: Compact and handy
Compact and handy
Small, practical device.
Window vac WV 1 + KV 4: Vibration function
Vibration function
The vibrations help you clean and removes stubborn dirt for you.
Electric water dispensation
  • The surface can be wetted and wiped in one step.
Three times quicker
  • Window cleaning is three times faster with the Window Vac than with conventional methods.
Drip- and streak-free results
  • Thanks to electric water vacuuming, dripping water is now a thing of the past. For sparkling clean windows.
Completely hygienic
  • Fill and drain the KV 4 fresh and WV 1 dirty water tank without coming into contact with water or dirt.
Diverse applications
  • Suitable for all smooth surfaces, such as tiles, mirrors or shower cabins.

Technical data

Working width of suction nozzle (mm) 250
Dirty water container capacity (ml) 100
Battery run time (min) 25
Battery charge time (min) 150
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Cleaning performance per battery charge Approx. 70 m² = 23 windows
Weight incl. battery (kg) 0,5
Weight without accessories (kg) 0,5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 1,2
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 130 x 250 x 275


  • Battery charger
  • Window cleaner concentrate (1 x 20 ml)
  • Wiping cloth, 1 x
Application areas
  • All smooth surfaces
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Tiles
  • Glass tables
  • Shower cabins
Cleaning agents