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Robocleaner RC 3000

RC 3000 RoboCleaner, the fully automatic floor cleaning robot. The autonomous floor cleaning system that sweeps and vacuums even when you're not at home. For carpets and hard surfaces.

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Plug & clean - cleaning couldn't be easier. With the fully automatic RC 3000 RoboCleaner cleaning robot. Simply plug in the charger station, switch on, set the cleaning time and leave the rest to the RoboCleaner. It cleans fully automatically and negotiates obstacles such as cables and wires. Four optical sensors enable RoboCleaner to identify stairs reliably. The RoboCleaner sweeps and vacuums all on its own. With a dirt recognition sensor, it adjusts itself to suit the degree of soiling automatically. It is guided by an infrared beam. The RoboCleaner automatically returns to the base station. Contact sensors reliably guide the Robo Cleaner around all obstacles. Its flexibly mounted wheels enable it to travel easily over different types of floor coverings and small ridges. For further information, visit www.robocleaner.de.


Technical data

Battery charging time (min) 10 - 20
Running time per charge (min) 20 - 60
Cleaning performance (m²/h) 15
Base station dust container (l) 2
On-board dust container (l) 0.2
Sound power level (dB(A)) 54
Rated input power (W) max. 600
Voltage (V) 220 - 240
Frequency (Hz) 50
Weight, RoboCleaner (kg) 2
Weight, base station (kg) 5.8
Dimensions, RoboCleaner (D x H) (mm) 285 x 105
Dimensions, base station (L x B x H) (mm) 500 x 250 x 230


  • Cleaning brush
  • Dirt sensor
  • Fall sensors
  • Infrared navigation beam
  • Contact sensors
  • All-round-furniture bumper strip
  • Charging and vacuum station
  • Filter bag, Paper