Tips for keeping the home clean

Around the world, people spend around 3 hours 20 minutes cleaning their home every week - according to a study of global cleaning behaviour conducted for Kärcher. Many cleaning devices or household supplies are used for this. Whether indoors or outside, the work is done much quicker with tips for the correct use, meaning you have more time for the good things in life.

Kärcher cleaning tips for the home and garden

Practical tips, tricks and application instructions for cleaning your home

Here you will find a range of tips and examples for getting your home into shape. Whether with a high pressure cleaner or duster - we have all the information about how to clean properly and quickly.

De-icing car windows

Effortless and fast de-icing of car windows

In the winter, car drivers who don't have a garage are only too familiar with the problem: frozen windows. Especially in the morning, the de-icing of windows is a time-consuming and stressful activity. Here are a few tips to help make the process fast and effortless, while avoiding wet hands.

Clearing leaves in autumn

Clearing leaves: Five tips for the autumn

The summer is over, the trees are resplendent with colour – but with the autumn, the leaves also get into our gardens. Clearing leaves from paths, driveways, lawns etc. with rakes and brooms is often very bothersome. With the following tips, you will be able to clear the leaves from around your house quickly and with minimum effort.

Automatic garden irrigation

Tips on automatic garden irrigation

A garden full of plants is beautiful, especially in summer. Yet this is the time when gardens also require a lot of work to keep them looking this way. Watering systems and compatible water timers make easy work of this – and they even turn worrying about the garden when on holiday into a thing of the past.

DIY tips on watering the garden

DIY tips on watering the garden

In the height of summer, when temperatures climb to over 25 °C and there is no rain on the horizon for days, plants in the garden need particularly much water. A laborious task for garden enthusiasts. Using the right equipment makes watering easy and ensures that flowers, vegetable crops and shrubs make it through the warm summer season without any casualties.

Patio with PCL 4

Wooden patio cleaning made easy

Eating outdoors, sunbathing or simply sitting together quietly – for many people, a wooden patio is like a second living room during the warm months. To really enjoy the hours spent out there, the surface and surrounding area need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. With the PCL 4 Patio Cleaner it's a piece of cake.

bicycle cleaning with the KHB 6

Bicycle cleaning: Care tips for at home and on the go

Following a trip with the bicycle through forests or meadows or on dirt tracks or dusty roads, a thorough cleaning of it is in order. With the right device and the appropriate accessories this is a piece of cake – whether in front of the garage, in the garden or on the go.


Getting everything clean after camping, hiking, surfing and co

So, it's time to pack your hiking boots or bike and head off to the countryside. It is just one of those things that equipment gets dirty. To get rid of dust and mud in next to no time, Kärcher has a practical aid and some useful tips for almost every holiday situation: the mobile, OC 3 low-pressure cleaner.

Dirty Car

D-I-Y Car washing

Is it getting more and more difficult to see through the car’s dirty front windscreen? Or have the dear little ones left loads of biscuit crumbs and juice on the back seat? In that case, it is really time to give the car a thorough clean again. With the right equipment that is done quickly – and is even fun.


Before winter: Get your house and garden into shape

Summer is coming to an end, the warm days on the terrace are numbered and there is not much more to do in the garden. Now is the time to prepare the garden furniture and equipment for their winter break. We show you how to do it!