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Kärcher  High pressure

High pressure

The benefits are impressive: faster and better cleaning with less energy consumption and lower waste water pollution. Kärcher cleaning and care agents deliver brilliant performance in industry, trade and the food industry. High-pressure cleaners and cleaning agents perfectly balanced.

Kärcher  Surface


All Kärcher products for manual cleaning are specially designed for the requirements of cleaning service providers. They quickly and reliably remove all typical contaminations without adversely affecting surfaces. Cleaning performance alone no longer meets the professional demands of cleaning service providers and facility management. The cleaning agents of choice have to offer much more: a pleasant scent, contemporary environmental sustainability, reliable dosing of concentrates and ideal handling, i.e. ergonomic bottles.

Kärcher  Floor


Kärcher FloorPro cleaning agents are highly effective and excellent cleaning results are achieved in the shortest time with less effort. In the Kärcher cleaning system, machines, accessories and cleaning agents are perfectly matched. This makes work easier, faster and more convenient. At the same time, optimal protection of the cleaning machines and surfaces to be cleaned are added benefits.

Kärcher  Carpet


The CarpetPro line gently and effectively cleans and protects textile surfaces. This innovative system reduces cleaning and drying times, and delays resoiling, therefore protecting treated surfaces as well as the environment and your budget. CarpetPro line is based on iCapsol technology, which encapsulates and binds the dirt. Rinsing carpets is no longer necessary as the encapsulated residual contamination is simply vacuumed during subsequent maintenance cleaning. Carpets dry quickly and are ready to walk on in no time.

Kärcher  Parts


In industrial production, millions of parts have to be cleaned each day in preparation for coatings or for assembly. The demands on cleaning performance, surface protection and being free of residues are extremely high in this sector. Because of this, Kärcher has developed specific, highly effective cleaning agents which achieve impressive results when used with conventional parts cleaners as well as Kärcher Bio parts cleaners. As a result, Kärcher Bio PC Bio 100 and PC Bio 200 parts cleaners received the "Automechanika Award". All Kärcher parts cleaners are NTA- and solvent-free (VOC-free).

Kärcher  Water


Kärcher provides suitable treatment chemicals for trouble-free operation and excellent treatment results. Our products have been tried and tested over a number of years and are perfectly adapted to suit specific applications and systems.

Kärcher  Vehicle


Our cleaning agents are specially formulated for all water hardness levels and are suitable for Kärcher wash systems. Special content materials protect components that are in contact with water against corrosion. Kärcher ASF products are environmentally friendly thanks to their patented, easily separable formulas.

Kärcher  Tank/container


Special regulations and requirements apply to professional tank and container cleaning. With the new Kärcher TankPro series, which is precisely matched to the machine technology, we offer a perfect solution for all cleaning requirements. Nothing is too much for us – these TankPro products offer our customers a solution that is perfectly tailored to their individual requirements. All products are high concentrates and therefore particularly economical and efficient. We are fully aware of our responsibility towards people, machines and the environment and do not use any substances that are harmful to the environment and to health, while maintaining the highest quality.

Kärcher  Sanitary areas

Sanitary areas

Fresh scent; gel formula for improved adhesion; kind to materials, environmentally friendly; daily cleaning; removes lime deposits, dirt and grease residue; e.g. for toilets, urinals; some products also use micro-organisms to break down contaminants; deodorising and anti-bacterial.