Interior cleaning heads HKF 200 E 3X400V 50Hz ex

Electrically powered, acid-, alkali- and solvent-resistant interior cleaning head HKF 200 E for optimum cleaning of medium to large containers.

The electrically-driven HKF 200 E interior cleaning head is used for industrial tank and container interior cleaning, for pourable bulk materials and free-flowing liquids, in medium-sized to large containers in explosion-proof areas. The electric drive allows a speed that is unaffected by the cleaning medium. The use of high-quality materials, like stainless steel on parts that come into contact with cleaning media and PTFE seals on the shafts, ensures a long service life. The interior cleaning head is designed for use with all kinds of cleaning media over a wide pH range. A wide range of accessories, like the suspension brackets, spray nozzles, pipe bender, frames and high-pressure hoses, allow universal fields of application.

Features and benefits
Modular interior cleaning head
  • Thanks to the modularity, existing systems can be extended if required.
  • High level of flexibility offers savings potential (existing components can continue to be used).
Electric drive unaffected by speed
  • For consistently good cleaning results.
ATEX certification (protection against explosion)
  • High safety standard in accordance with legal requirements.
Intelligent design
  • No pressure drop as a result of friction loss.
  • First-class cleaning results.
Compact design
  • Flexible and resource-conserving use.
Industrial standard (components that come into contact with cleaning medium are stainless steel)
  • Long service life ensures costs are saved.
PTFE seals
  • Versatile, also suitable for acids, alkalis and solvents.
Different nozzle configuration
  • Flow and pressure can be adjusted to local conditions.
  • Versatile and flexible uses.

Technical data

Operating pressure (bar) 200
Weight without accessories (kg) 40
Application areas
  • Modular components for tank cleaning systems