HKF 200 PT

High-quality interior cleaning head HKF 200 PT for container cleaning (intermediate bulk containers). Pneumatically driven. Acid-, alkali- and solvent-resistant. For explosion-proof areas.

The HKF 200 PT interior cleaning head, designed for container cleaning, is pneumatically driven. Thanks to the machine's pneumatic operation, the cleaning medium has no effect on the motor's speed. The HKF 200 PT is designed for the industrial cleaning of intermediate bulk containers and is suitable for cleaning in explosion-proof areas. Stainless steel has been used for parts of the interior cleaning head that come into contact with cleaning media. The shafts are fitted with hard-wearing PTFE sealing. The materials used are of the highest quality and ensure a long service life and maximum efficiency. The interior cleaning head is designed for use with all kinds of cleaning media over a wide pH range. The accessory line, which includes suspension brackets, spray nozzles, pipe benders, frames, high-pressure hoses and other practical aids, allows all kinds of possible facilitate universal application with all types of cleaning media over a wide range of pH-values. The drive element is mounted on an attachment plate with a diameter of 250 mm to which a wide variety of covers can be fitted to suit the access openings of the tanks to be cleaned. Range of application: Liquid throughput: 2.000 ‑ 10.000 l/h Pressure ranges: 50 ‑ 200 bar No. of nozzles:1‑4 Variants: Laid length up to 2000 mm Automatic insertion and retraction device System solutions: Complete cleaning systems with high-pressure pump/s, hot water generation, automatic cleaning process on request.

Features and benefits
Modular interior cleaning head
  • Thanks to the modularity, existing systems can be extended if required.
  • High level of flexibility offers savings potential (existing components can continue to be used).
Pneumatically-driven interior cleaner
  • For consistently good cleaning results.
ATEX certification (protection against explosion)
  • High safety standard in accordance with legal requirements.
Intelligent design
  • No pressure drop as a result of friction loss.
  • First-class cleaning results.
Compact design
  • Flexible and resource-conserving use.
Industrial standard (components that come into contact with cleaning medium are stainless steel)
  • Robust interior cleaning head for lower maintenance costs and long working times.
PTFE seals
  • Versatile, also suitable for acids and alkalis.
  • Cleaning of various kinds of container, especially IBCs.
Different nozzle configuration
  • Flow and pressure can be adjusted to local conditions.

Technical data

Drive Compressed air 4-7 bar 0.5 m³/min
Operating pressure (bar) 200
Weight without accessories (kg) 28
Application areas
  • Modular components for tank cleaning systems