Interior cleaning heads HKF 50 E

The stainless steel HKF 50 E is an electrically driven interior cleaning head designed to clean inside vats and containers up to approx. 1000 litres.

Effective container cleaning: The electrically driven compact HKF 50 E interior cleaning head is designed to clean inside vats and small to medium-sized containers up to approx. 1000 litres (e.g. IBC tanks). The electric drive ensures a constant rotational speed irrespective of the flow or pressure of the cleaning agent. The use of premium materials such as stainless steel on parts in contact with media, and PTFE sealings on the shafts ensure a long service life. The low weight (7 kg) means there is no need for extra suspension devices (spring balancers or hoists). Operational up to 100 bar, 1200 l/h and a water temperature of 95 °C. The head measures 650 millimetres in length and the maximum immersion depth is 304 millimetres. For container openings of 50 millimetres or larger. Can be easily connected to a cold-water or hot-water pressure washer via a high-pressure hose. Various accessories such as bunghole cone, racks, spray nozzles, pipe elbows and high-pressure hoses open up a wide range of applications. Technical data Electric motor: 230 volt, 50 hertz, Rotational speed: 29 rpm.

Features and benefits
Compact dimensions
  • Versatile
Electric drive unaffected by speed
  • Constant rotational speed is not dependent on the water flow rate or water pressure.
Low weight
  • Robust interior cleaning head for lower maintenance costs and long working times.
  • Long service life ensures costs are saved.
Industrial standard (components that come into contact with cleaning medium are stainless steel)
  • Suitable for cleaning inside smaller containers with openings of 50 mm or more.
Intelligent design
  • No pressure drop as a result of friction loss.
  • First-class cleaning results.
  • Ease of operation.
Different nozzle configuration
  • No hoists/balancers are needed to suspend the head.
  • Saves on additional installation and maintenance costs.
  • Easy handling – Manual operation of the head in the container.
  • Flow and pressure can be adjusted to local conditions.
Different nozzle configuration

Technical data

Drive Electric
Operating pressure (bar) 100
Weight without accessories (kg) 7
Application areas
  • For cleaning inside tanks (industry, logistics, public services)
  • Also suitable for cleaning inside IBC containers (tanks)
  • For container/deposit cleaning in the food, cosmetics and chemicals industries
  • For cleaning containers used for transporting chemical products
  • For cleaning containers used for transporting food