HWE 4000 GAS

Two-stage stationary, type-tested, modular booster heater for hot water generation. With gas burner, individual target temperature setting and "spray jet" attachment kit.

Type-tested and modular: booster heater with gas burner for hot water generation in stationary cleaning systems. With individual target temperature setting. The machine contains a TÜV-tested, cylindrical two-pass design stainless steel coil. The coil is built into a gas-tight combustion chamber made from temperature-resistant sheet metal. Heating and temperature controller in two-stage design. The flow temperature is adjustable. A built-in safety valve regulates overpressure and water flow. A fireproof baseplate, burner plate, boiler shell insulated with heat-resistant insulation material, and galvanised steel casing ensure long working times. The "spray jet" attachment kit included in the scope of delivery expands the spectrum of use. (High-pressure nozzle size 12, spray angle 25°, min. 1,500 l/h per trigger gun, 90 bar.)

Features and benefits
Stationary, modular hot water generator
  • Existing systems can be expanded as required thanks to their modularity.
Modulating burner capacity
  • Flexible flow volumes and temperatures (variable water inlet temperature possible).
  • Optimal cleaning effect thanks to easily and precisely adjustable target temperature.
Flow rates can vary (1,300 - 8,000 l/h)
  • Increased application possibilities, e.g. lance operation in TSC systems.
Eco-efficiency mode
  • Ventilation takes place following burner operation (exception: burner's first start of the day).
  • Energy-efficient operation, as the HWE does not cool down and hot/warm water is available more quickly.
Can be extended with attachment kits, e.g. for lance operation
  • The machine can be used for various applications.
Pressure-sided hot water generator (booster heater)
  • Water heats up only as required. HP pump operation only with cold water.
High industry standard, e.g. heating coil made from stainless steel
  • Space-saving and mobile, as it can be lifted by a pallet truck.
Type-tested, TÜV-tested
  • No approval required for initial startup.
  • Longer utilisation times, increased daily income.
Application areas
  • Modular components for container cleaning