Blue short-fibre microfibre hook-and-loop mop, 30 cm

The 30 cm microfibre hook-and-loop mop is especially well suited to cleaning vertical surfaces, such as tiled walls. Also suitable for horizontal surfaces.

The 30 cm microfibre hook-and-loop mop is especially well suited to the efficient cleaning of vertical surfaces. The outstanding sliding properties make the work easier, and allow it to be used for long periods of time without fatigue. The microfibre hook-and-loop mop efficiently picks up both sticky and loose dirt, offering very good dirt pick-up properties and thereby ensuring a high area performance with flawless cleaning results. The hook-and-loop mop should be pre-moistened for cleaning, but it is also possible to spray the detergent directly onto the dry or damp cloth.Ideal for walls, floors, corners, etc., in conjunction with 30 cm hook-and-loop holder.


Technical data

Programme ADVANCED
Surface quality Smooth and lightly structured
Type of dirt Adhesive dirt
Dirt level Low to middle
Textile usage Reusable textiles
Material 90% PET/10% PA
Textile material microfibre
Manufacturing type Pile knitted fabric (Cleaning layer)
Washing temperature (°C) max. 90
Washing recommendation (°C) 60
Dryer temperature (°C) 60
Wash cycles* approx. 250
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 25
Weight per product / Weight per m² (g/g/m²) 47 / 440
Dimensions (L × W) (cm) 30 x 12

*Compliance with or use of recommended temperatures and detergents. In addition, the use of a dryer, especially at higher temperatures, may reduce the life considerably.

Application areas
  • Surface - wet cleaning
Cleaning agents