Premium microfibre cloth, yellow

The powerful yellow premium microfibre cloth has a high dirt absorption capacity and provides outstanding cleaning performance when used for spray and moist cleaning.

The yellow premium microfibre cloth from Kärcher is a pile-knitted, voluminous microfibre cleaning cloth designed for spray and moist cleaning. Thanks to its particularly fine structure, the fibres of this reusable textile penetrate deeper into the surfaces to be cleaned than is possible with conventional fibres, picking up dust, stubborn dirt and bacteria quicker and more thoroughly. This makes the premium microfibre cloth especially well-suited to use in areas in which the volumes of dirt pick-up and dirt absorption capacity are of high importance, such as healthcare settings or the hotel and catering industry. In addition to yellow, it is also available in red, green and blue, in line with the usual colour coding used by cleaning professionals for the different areas of application. The cloth can be used dry or pre-moistened for cleaning, but it is also possible to spray the cleaning agent directly onto the dry or moistened cloth.


Technical data

Textile usage Textiles Durable
Textile material 80% PET/20% PA
Material 80% PET/20% PA
Manufacturing type Pile warp-knitted fabric
Quantity (piece(s)) 10
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 20
Dimensions (L × W) (cm) 40 x 40