Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp

Flexible and, thanks to the powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ battery, extremely powerful and durable: Our T 9/1 Bp battery-operated dry vacuum cleaner stands the test against mains-operated dry vacuum cleaners.

Our new battery-operated dry vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp effortlessly combines cordless flexibility with the performance and cleaning quality of a mains-operated dry vacuum cleaner. Our powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ battery makes this possible, ensuring not only maximum suction power, but also extra-long runtimes. If required, the battery can be replaced quickly and simply at any time so that even very long applications can be easily carried out. The robust and low-noise machine is customised to the needs of hotels and retailers and can also be used when the area is open to the general public. The battery-operated dry vacuum cleaner is also suitable for building service contractors or transport operators – for example, for fast intermediate cleaning of the vehicle. The accessories are included as standard. A Kärcher Battery Power+ battery, a quick charger, as well as a tearproof fleece filter bag, which compared to traditional paper filters can absorb twice the amount of dirt.

Features and benefits
Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp: eco!efficiency mode
eco!efficiency mode
The eco!efficiency mode reduces the energy demand and volume of the machine and increases the battery running time.
Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp: Ergonomic bend
Ergonomic bend
The ergonomic bend sits comfortably in the hand and allows fatigue-free working over long periods of time.
Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp: Ergonomic carrying handle
Ergonomic carrying handle
The ergonomic carry handle with suction tube storage is designed for easy and convenient transport including accessories.
Operation using foot switch
  • No need to bend down.

Technical data

Battery platform 36 V battery platform
Container content (l) 9
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 59
Air flow (l/s) 40
Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 210 / 22
Rated input power (W) 500
Standard nominal diameter ID 35
Number of batteries required (piece(s)) 1
Performance per battery charge (m²) approx. 150 (7,5 Ah)
Runtime per battery charging (min) max. 64 (7,5 Ah)
Battery charging time with fast charger 80%/100% (min) 58 / 81
Charging current (A) 6
Power supply for battery charger (V/Hz) 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
Weight without accessories (kg) 4,6
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 8,2
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 420 x 325 x 382


  • Variant, Battery and charger not included
  • Suction hose, 2 m, with bend
  • Telescopic suction tube
  • Filter bag, 1 piece(s), Fleece
  • Permanent filter basket, Nylon
  • Combi floor nozzle
  • Clip system for extending hose
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Protection class, II
Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp
Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp
Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp
Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp
Battery powered vacuum cleaner T 9/1 Bp
Application areas
  • Highly recommended for applications in building cleaning and the hotel sector
  • For container and tank interior cleaning in the transport and logistics sector, in agriculture, the food industry and chemicals industry.
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