WPD 200 Advanced stand-alone unit

WPD 200 Advanced: configurable water dispenser with up to 6 top-quality water types. Suitable for up to 100 people. With patented thermal disinfection and display.

WPD 200 Advanced stands for perfect and hygienic drinking water in food-grade quality. The water dispenser is suitable for up to 100 users. The machine is simply connected to the drinking water network. With up to six different water types it dispenses still water in unchilled or chilled form – also sparkling water upon request (medium or classic). The fully automatic thermal disinfection which works at regular intervals ensures constant hygiene. The Active-Pure filter reliably filters out chlorine and heavy metals – for optimal taste. The innovative Hy-Protect filter removes bacteria and viruses and retains the valuable minerals. The filter has to be changed once a year. Energy Reduced and Standby mode achieve energy savings. An optional drip tray run-off is also available instead of the overflow-protected drip tray.

Features and benefits
 WPD 200 Advanced stand-alone unit: Application-based configuration
Application-based configuration
The needs-based equipment and compatible accessories for every installation location and every budget.
 WPD 200 Advanced stand-alone unit: Individual front design
Individual front design
Customised design: for example in a corporate design or as individual advertising area.
 WPD 200 Advanced stand-alone unit: Additional water types
Additional water types
Sparkling water (medium and classic), as well as hot and extra-hot water.
Portionable output
  • The volume dispensed can be matched to the size of the respective drinking vessel: 0.2 l for cups/glasses: 0.5 l or 1 l for bottles.
Multifunctional colour display
  • Easy to operate: e.g. temperature selection, CO₂ intensity, filter replacement display, individual image gallery.
M2M communication "Kärcher Fleet Services"
  • Direct communication between PC or smartphone and water dispenser enables remote maintenance and diagnostics.

Technical data

Voltage (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 220 - 240 / 50
Water quantity, ambient (l/h) max. 120
Water amount, still, chilled (l/h) max. 40
Water amount, still, hot (l/h) max. 10
Water quantity, chilled, carbonated (l/h) max. 40
Hot water temperature (°C) 80 - 95
Coolant R134a
Amount of Coolant (kg) 0,1
CO₂ content in water (g/l) 4,5 - 6,5
Large-sized CO₂ bottle (in the base) (kg) max. 10
Hot water yes
Cold water yes
Uncooled water yes
Carbonated water yes
Number of users 100
Water outlet height (mm) 300
Weight of the table top unit (kg) 35
Weight of the stand-alone unit (kg) 50
Dimensions of table top unit (L × W × H) (mm) 528 x 365 x 465
Dimensions of stand-alone unit (L × W × H) (mm) 528 x 365 x 1432


  • Automatic thermal disinfection
  • Automatic rinsing
  • Configurable
  • Optional: Hy-Protect ultra filter
  • Active-Pure active carbon filter
  • Water dispensing valve with contact protection
  • Precisely dispensed water volume for glasses, bottles or carafes
  • Positioning aid for drinking cup
  • Optional: Drip tray draining
  • Power Save mode
  • Version, Stand-alone version
  • Electronic package, Advanced
  • Desinfection, thermal
  • Drip tray draining, with outlet to wastewater pipe
  • Hygienic cleaning, thermal
  • Optional: Base with cup dispenser
 WPD 200 Advanced stand-alone unit
Application areas
  • The right water dispenser for any installation location: individual configuration makes this possible
  • office, production, retail store, car dealership, school, university, town hall, hotel, restaurant, canteen, hospital, doctor's surgery