High pressure pump HDI 30/10

Stackable, stationary HDI 30/10 high-pressure pump for industrial container cleaning. For small to medium-sized containers filled with free-flowing bulk material/liquid bulk material.

The stationary HDI 30/10 high-pressure pump is used for industrial silo, container and tank interior cleaning. Drinking water is used as the cleaning medium. The modular HP unit is suitable for small to medium-sized containers filled with free-flowing bulk material or liquid bulk material. The stackable basic unit is built into a frame and consists of a pump unit, air-cooled drive motor and drive elements. The pump unit is in the form of a piston pump with a crank drive that runs in an oil bath. The drive is controlled by the electro motor which is flange mounted directly on the pump set. The high-quality components, including ceramic plunger, brass cylinder head and stainless steel valves in PVDF carbon fibre-reinforced valve cages ensure long working times. A wide range of attachment kits, from the suction-sided detergent dosing unit to hot water operation (80°C), enable universal applications.

Features and benefits
Modular (stationary) HP pump module for tank interior cleaning (TSC)
  • Thanks to the modularity, existing systems can be extended if required.
Can be extended with attachment kits such as manual lance operation, 2-slot cleaning agent dosing unit on the suction side, and steam jet operation.
  • Versatile. (With wet steam produced by the hot water generator e.g. for degassing or heating.)
Industry standard, e.g. Eco brass cylinder head with ceramic plunger
  • More powerful and robust than comparable non-ferrous metal heads.
  • Longer service life, less maintenance effort and lower costs. Ideal for industrial use.
Robust frame
  • Pump is stackable (max. 3 HP pumps on top of each other).
Air-cooled motor
  • No additional cold water connection necessary.
Two-stage plunger seal
  • Return where leaks occur.
Seals are resistant to standard cleaning agents
  • Detergent dosing unit on the suction side.

Technical data

Pressure (bar) 100
Flow rate (l/h) 3000
Connection load (kW) 11
Max. inlet temperature (°C) max. 60
Phase (Ph) 3
Frequency (Hz) 50
Voltage (V) 400
Weight without accessories (kg) 115
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1150 / 650 / 480
Application areas
  • Modular components for tank cleaning systems