Trolley Hotel Classic II

For cleaning 15 to 18 rooms: The Trolley Hotel Classic II. Hotel cart featuring a large fold-away 120-litre bin liner holder, three shelves made of wood and five large 125 mm wheels.

The Trolley Hotel Classic II is ideal for cleaning and supplying 15 to 18 rooms. With three wooden shelves for effortless transport of and easy access to cleaning utensils and materials, as well as a fold-away 120-litre bin liner holder, the robust hotel cart is very easy to use while being gentle on your back. Five large 125 mm, rotatable wheels also enable easy manoeuvring – even in the tightest of spaces. Made using rust-free materials with smooth surfaces, it also impresses with its long lifetime and easy cart cleaning, when needed.

Features and benefits
 Trolley Hotel Classic II: Best ergonomics
Best ergonomics
Very easy to operate and back-friendly work standing up. Convenient access to bin liners and utensils.
 Trolley Hotel Classic II: High quality
High quality
High-quality, rust-free materials and very robust design.
 Trolley Hotel Classic II: Hygienic cart cleaning
Hygienic cart cleaning
Smooth surfaces make the cart itself easier to clean, when needed.
Easy manoeuvrability
  • Five rotatable wheels enable easy manoeuvring in tight spaces.
Very well equipped
  • Includes large 120-litre bin liner container and three wooden shelves.

Technical data

Material Painted steel / PP
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 1
Package weight (kg) 34,2
Dimensions (L × W × H) (cm) 127 x 53 x 128