Trolley Hotel Premium I

High-quality Trolley Hotel Premium I for six to eight rooms. Hotel cart with fold-away 120-litre bin liner holder and large 125 mm wheels with bumpers. Easy to manoeuvre even when heavily loaded.

Very high-quality design and effortlessly manoeuvrable in the tightest of spaces even with a heavy load: The Trolley Hotel Premium I impresses with the best ergonomics, rust-free materials, a robust design and long lifetime. Impact-resistant thanks to its four large 125 mm rotatable wheels with bumpers and very well equipped – this makes the hotel cart perfect for cleaning and supplying six to eight rooms. Yet even cleaning the cart itself is especially easy due to the cart's continuous smooth surfaces. A 120-litre bin liner holder is also included as standard.

Features and benefits
 Trolley Hotel Premium I: Best ergonomics
Best ergonomics
Very easy to operate and back-friendly work standing up. Convenient access to bin liners and utensils.
 Trolley Hotel Premium I: High quality
High quality
High-quality, rust-free materials and very robust, impact-resistant design.
 Trolley Hotel Premium I: Hygienic cart cleaning
Hygienic cart cleaning
Smooth surfaces make the cart itself easier to clean, when needed.
Easy manoeuvrability
  • Four rotatable wheels enable easy manoeuvring in restricted spaces.
Very well equipped
  • Includes large 120-litre bin liner holder.

Technical data

Material PP
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 1
Package weight (kg) 28,3
Dimensions (L × W × H) (cm) 113 x 64 x 142,5