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50/3 supply pump module

Supply pump module for consistently guaranteeing the required flow pressure (3-6 bar) and the water volume (50 l/min) for Kärcher's CB 3 gantry car washes.

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This supply pump module, consisting of the supply pump, the corresponding control and a separate control cabinet premounted on a frame, is an optional accessory for our CB 3 gantry car washes. In some cases, the on-site use of tanks for supplying water to the system leads to inconstant pressure or water pressure that is too low. (It makes no difference whether it is a fresh water tank or a service water tank with the use of a water recycling system). The supply pump module ensures both the necessary flow pressure of 3 to 6 bar and the required water volume of 50 l/min, guaranteeing smooth operation.

Compatible machines
Application areas
  • Optional supply pump module for the CB 3 gantry car washes