Expansion: automatic frost protection HP 100 bar 26433290 https://www.kaercher.com/my/accessory/expansion-automatic-frost-protection-hp-100-bar-26433290.html

Expansion: automatic frost protection HP 100 bar

Automatic frost protection HP 100 bar: Controlled by a thermostat, feed pipes, water distributors and the spray pipes located on the system are all blown through using compressed air.

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Kärcher CB 3 gantry car washes which operate with an external 100 bar high-pressure pump and an external water tank require automatic frost protection when using the "Undercarriage wash" function. The system effectively prevents damage to the system which can be caused by frost, whereby water residues from water-bearing parts, which are exposed to low temperatures in winter, are removed using compressed air. Residual water is then safely discharged via release valves, which are installed at the lowest point of the water distributor. The automatic frost protection is controlled via a thermostat, which monitors the outside temperature.

Compatible machines
Application areas
  • Optional automatic frost protection for the CB 3 gantry car washes