Expansion: automatic frost protection HP 100 bar 26433300 https://www.kaercher.com/my/accessory/expansion-automatic-frost-protection-hp-100-bar-26433300.html

Expansion: automatic frost protection HP 100 bar

The automatic HP 100 bar frost protection is controlled via a thermostat and protects the system against winter damage by blowing compressed air through water-bearing parts.

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The thermostat-controlled, automatic frost protection for our CB 3 gantry car washes reliably prevents damage that can occur due to frost. This automatic frost protection is required for systems with a water pressure of 100 bar or when an undercarriage wash is selected while the high-pressure pump is connected to an external tank. Where there is a risk of frost, the thermostat ensures that feed pipes, water distributors and the spray pipes located on the system are all blown through with compressed air and water residues are discharged via release valves.

Compatible machines
Application areas
  • Optional automatic frost protection for the CB 3 gantry car washes