Expansion: automatic frost protection HP 60 bar 26428450 https://www.kaercher.com/my/accessory/expansion-automatic-frost-protection-hp-60-bar-26428450.html

Expansion: automatic frost protection HP 60 bar

Winter damage to the system can be reliably prevented with the automatic 60 bar frost protection. This process involves compressed air which effectively dries the water-bearing parts.

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Optional automatic frost protection which is required if gantry car washes or commercial vehicle washes operate with 60 bar high pressure, an undercarriage wash is selected and the high-pressure pump is connected to an external tank. The automatic frost protection is thermostat-controlled and uses compressed air to remove water residues from supply pipes, the water distributor and the spray lances on the system. After blowing air through the water-bearing parts, the release valves, which are installed at the lowest point of the water distributor, open and discharge the excess water.

Compatible machines
Application areas
  • Optional automatic frost protection for gantry car washes and commercial vehicle washes