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PS 40 Power Scrubber

PS 40 power scrubber with three integrated high-pressure nozzles. Powerful cleaning action removes stubborn dirt from surfaces quickly and easily. Ideal for stairs and edges.

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PS 40 power scrubber with three integrated high-pressure nozzles and squeegee is more powerful than a standard manual scrubber. Powerful scrubber quickly and easily removes stubborn dirt from surfaces with high pressure. PS 40 power scrubber is ideal for cleaning stairs, patios, facades, garages, balconies, walls, paths and drives. Ideal for cleaning stairs and edges. Suitable for all Kärcher K2 – K7 series domestic pressure washers.

Features and benefits
Three integrated high-pressure nozzles
  • Extra powerful cleaning performance compared to a normal scrubber.
Integrated squeegee
  • Fast removal of residual water.
Compact design
  • Ideal for cleaning corners and edges without splash back.
Powerful cleaning with high pressure
  • For removing stubborn dirt from different kinds of surfaces.

Technical data

Weight (kg) 1
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 550 x 120 x 100
Application areas
  • Cleaning of stairs
  • Cleaning patios (stone, wood)
  • Cleaning (house) facades
  • Cleaning garages
  • Cleaning walls/garden walls
  • Cleaning balconies
  • Cleaning of paths
  • Cleaning driveways