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Underbody cleaner

Highly effective chassis cleaner for removing dirt, mud, sludge, sand and encrusted salt. With care nozzle for applying chassis wax (incl. 250 ml free tester).

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No matter whether you have a car with a lowered chassis, an SUV or a mobile home, thanks to the adjustable high-pressure module, the Kärcher chassis cleaner is ideal for ground clearances between 11 and 39 cm, which covers almost all common vehicle types. The chassis cleaner connects to the high-pressure gun in just a few steps and can be relied on to remove dirt, mud, sludge, sand and stubborn encrusted salt. After cleaning, the special care nozzle nozzle can be used to apply nourishing chassis wax. (250 ml free tester included in delivery.) The finely deposited wax penetrates the smallest scratches. The waterproof film actively helps to prevent resoiling and corrosion both before and after winter and therefore helps the vehicle to retain its value.

Features and benefits
Powerful cleaning with high pressure
  • Applying underbody wax
Two integrated high-pressure nozzles
  • Improved cleaning action for deep cleaning effect
Height adjustable
  • Suitable for all vehicles from 11 cm – 38 cm

Technical data

Weight (kg) 3913
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1747 x 317 x 815
Application areas
  • Vehicle underbody cleaning
  • Vehicle cleaning