eco!ogic – yellow is the new green

Kärcher sees itself as a market leader that leads by example. Sustainability and environmental protection are firmly rooted in our company philosophy and actions, and are embodied in the company initiative "eco!ogic". With the eco!ogic range, Kärcher has developed a brand-new unit generation which impressively combines sophisticated technology, outstanding power, user-friendly handling and consideration for the environment. The result is highly efficient and resource-conserving quality devices which set new standards.

Kärcher eco!ogic frog

Our eco!ogic features

A unique selling point and label have been developed for the environmentally friendly products from the Home & Garden range: the brand name "eco!ogic". Only devices that reach the relevant benchmarks are labelled with the brand name and eco logo. There are various "eco" criteria that must be met, each of which has its own icon.

ecologic 2015
Water conservation

Save water

Responsible use of water is becoming ever more important. eco!ogic stands for targeted, responsible water consumption.

Energy conservation


Efficient use of energy is a key advantage of the eco!ogic devices, and it's all thanks to Kärcher's intelligent and innovative technology.

Responsible material selection

Responsible choice of materials

Eschewing substances like phthalates and PVC is extremely important for the eco!ogic range.