Flexible floor cleaner for living areas

Be it tiles, stone, vinyl, laminate or parquet: Kärcher floor cleaners can get all hard floors gleaming. From the convenient 2-in-1 device for vacuuming and wiping in a single step to the battery-powered lightweight; the range offers the right choice for every requirement.

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2-in-1: the revolutionary FC 5 with suction function can wipe and vacuum in a single step.

FC 5


FC Floor

Suitable for all hard floors
Whether it's stone, tile, parquet, laminate or vinyl: combined with Kärcher detergents and care agents

FC 3

Effortless application
No scrubbing, no wringing out, no bucket. Featuring 500 roller revolutions/min, self-cleaning function and fresh and dirty water tanks.

FC 5

Perfectly clean corners and edges
The central roller drive ensures radiant results in corners and along edges.