Irrigation pumps

The booster pumps from Kärcher are ideal for supplying your house and garden with well water, groundwater and rain water. Any home owner knows that water is becoming more and more expensive. So why not use low-cost water from alternative sources? High-quality booster pumps from Kärcher offer a solution for every application. Well water, groundwater, rain water and spring water can be used perfectly well in the washing machine, to flush the toilet and to water the garden. The result: a reliable supply of reclaim water – and a good conscience.

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Water pump supplier Malaysia

As one of the main water pump suppliers in Malaysia, Kärcher Booster Pumps offer a solution for every application. The irrigation pumps in the BP Home & Garden range switch on and off automatically depending on the amount of water required. All irrigation pumps are specially designed to be connected without tools thanks to the optimised connection adapters. The integrated thermal protection protects the pump from overheating and ensures long lifetime. With the appropriate Kärcher accessories, the pumps can be put into operation quickly and easily. Vacuum-proof spiral hoses, suction kits, pre-filters, connectors, dry-running protection and electronic pressure switches – our comprehensive range of accessories will ensure that any job, in home or garden, can be tackled in the best possible way and making Kärcher as one of the top water pump suppliers in Malaysia.