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Steam cleaner SC 1 Premium

The SC 1 Premium handheld steam cleaner is more versatile thanks to the extension hose. The compact size of this device makes it ideal for quick and thorough spontaneous cleaning without chemicals.

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Whether fittings, tiles, hobs or exhaust hoods: the compact SC 1 Premium handheld steam cleaner cleans virtually all hard surfaces around the home without chemicals. The extension hose included in the premium package makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas such as in corners and niches. The handheld steam cleaner removes stubborn dirt, lime residue and grease deposits. Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner kills 99.99% of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces around the home. This device is ideal for quick, spontaneous cleaning and allows space-saving storage. The extensive accessory line and powerful steam ensure perfect hygiene.

Features and benefits
Steam cleaner SC 1 Premium: Powerful 3.0 bar steam pressure
Powerful 3.0 bar steam pressure
Easily removes all types of dirt – even in hard-to-reach areas.
Steam cleaner SC 1 Premium: Small, handy and easy to store
Small, handy and easy to store
The device can be stored at the location of use for easy access. All accessory parts can be stored together in the practical accessory bag.
Steam cleaner SC 1 Premium: Child safety lock on device
Child safety lock on device
A locking system offers reliable protection against improper use by children.
Multifunctional premium accessories
  • Effective cleaning of different surfaces with the floor nozzle, hand nozzle, round brush and much more.
Cotton cover for manual nozzle
  • For sparkling cleaning results

Technical data

Area performance (m²) 20
Heating output (W) 1200
Max. steam pressure (bar) 3
Heat-up time (min) 3
Boiler/tank capacity (l) 0,2
Voltage (V) 220 - 240
Frequency (Hz) 50 - 60
Weight without accessories (kg) 1,6
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 321 x 127 x 186


  • Child safety lock
  • Safety valve
  • Integrated filling funnel
  • Extension hose SC 1
  • Accessory bag SC 1
  • Terry cloth cover for hand nozzle, 1 piece(s)
  • Point jet nozzle
  • Hand nozzle
  • Power nozzle
  • Round brush, black, 1 piece(s)
  • Measuring cup
Application areas
  • Fittings
  • Sinks
  • Wall tiles
  • Windows, mirrors
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Hobs

New Compact Steam Cleaner

SC 1 Premium is one of the best steam cleaners you can find in the compact range.
The new Kärcher hand held steam cleaner is extremely compact, which means that it is practical to store directly where it is going to be used, for example in small kitchen or bathroom cupboards. The SC 1 is always within easy reach and is therefore ideal for spontaneous cleaning. SC1 is one of the best steam cleaner device due to its power, despite its handy size, and ensures deep, hygienic cleanliness. Thanks to its safety lock, the Kärcher hand held steam cleaner can only be opened once its boiler is no longer under pressure. This guarantees a high degree of safety for you and your family. It is so convenient to use SC 1, by just connecting the extension tube and floor nozzle “Classic” to the machine and the handheld steam cleaner can be used for floor cleaning. Thanks to its compact shape, the SC 1 can be stored right next to the area where it is usually used and is always within reach. All its accessories can be stored together in a handy accessory bag. With the integrated power nozzle, the SC 1 cleans effectively and effortlessly – even in hard-to reach places like corners, edges and crevices.