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Hose Connection Set

The connection set contains various T, I and end pieces, which extend the Kärcher Rain System® and offer connection opportunities for additional Kärcher Rain System® hoses.

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The connection kit is an expansion kit for the Kärcher Rain System® efficient watering system and contains 4 T-pieces, 4 I-pieces and 5 end pieces. The T-piece connects three Kärcher Rain System® hoses or soaker hoses together, the I-piece connects two. The lateral tee of the T-piece is volume-adjustable and thus pressure-adjustable and is ideal for connection of the soaker hose. The I-piece is most suitable for affixing the soaker hose to the end of the Kärcher Rain System® hose or to connect two Kärcher Rain System® hoses. With the help of the end piece, the laid or shortened hoses can be sealed at any point. Installation of the hoses does not require tools and is extremely easy: The hose is simply pushed onto the connection or end piece and fixed with the aid of the union nut. The Kärcher Rain System® can be adapted to almost any garden and works perfectly with the SensoTimer for nee

Features and benefits
Extension kit for the Kärcher Rain System®
  • Extension of the Kärcher Rain System®.
T-piece with adjustable lateral tee
  • Targeted and need-based watering of plants.
  • Lateral tee as an ideal soaker hose connector.
T-piece with three connections
  • Easy connection of Kärcher Rain System® hoses and soaker hoses.
Hose stop
  • Convenient sealing of the Kärcher Rain System® hose or the soaker hose.
I-piece with two connections
  • Easy connection of Kärcher Rain System® hoses and soaker hoses.
Ergonomically shaped
  • Easy handling.

Technical data

Max. pressure (bar) 4
Weight (kg) 0,4
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 103 x 101 x 33


  • Water volume can be regulated
  • T-connectors with water flow regulation, 4 piece(s)
  • I-connectors, 4 piece(s)
  • Hose stops, large, 5 piece(s)
 Hose Connection Set
Application areas
  • Garden watering
  • Flower beds, vegetable patches, hedges, bushes