How to Clean a Mattress

An average person spends about 8 hours a day on his or her mattress, with that being said, it means that we spend around 2920 hours per year on our mattress. Hence, a mattress is one of the home items that we have skin to skin contact with for the longest period of time on a daily basis without a single doubt. With that being said, it is utterly important to keep it as hygienic as possible.

You should wash or steam clean mattress at least every 6 months. By deep cleaning the mattress every so often, mattress foam will be aired out hence allowing all particles of the materials to “breathe”. In this way, you can also prolong the longevity of your mattress as well!

Many of us invest a great deal of money on a mattress that guarantees good night sleep, it will not be ideal if we have to change it every so often. To avoid this from happening, you simply just have to know how to clean a mattress with the right way and the right tool.

Read on to find out how to clean a mattress like a pro in 4 simple steps! Karcher has all the products and accessories that you need, ranging from a mattress vacuum cleaner to mattress stain remover, to make your whole mattress cleaning process as effective and timely as possible!

How to clean a mattress

Step 1: Clean Dust and Dust Mites using a Bed Vacuum Cleaner

Lucky for you, any Karcher vacuum cleaner can be transformed into an effective mattress vacuum cleaner just by attaching turbo nozzle onto it.

The hand-guided property of this nozzle plus the width of 160mm making it very easy to move around with your hand while cleaning every part of the surface of the mattress.

The built-in rotating air-driven brush in the nozzle is able to remove dust and dust mites from the surface of the mattress. It can pick up crumbs and hairs instantly as well.

Cleaning the surface of the mattress thoroughly with a bed vacuum cleaner is the crucial first step as it opens up the passage for deeper cleaning of the inside of the mattress on the following steps.

Turbo upholstery nozzle

Step 2: How to Clean and Remove Mattress Stains


How to Remove Blood Stain from Mattress

If you have blood stains or period stains on your mattress, time is of essence. The faster you work on removing the blood stains, the easier it is to get it removed. Please do not use steam cleaner to remove protein stains as heat can cook protein and make the stain set in.

To remove blood stains from mattress, you can mix laundry detergent with water and dab on it with a dry, clean cloth. Alternatively, you can also use hydrogen peroxide. The key point is to dap on stains and not wipe or rub the stains. Otherwise, it can make matters worse.

It is important to remember to only use room temperature water while cleaning mattress stains because hot water will cause stains to set, hence making the cleaning process not as effective.

How to remove Urine stains from Mattress

Maybe you’ve got pets that stained your mattress. Maybe you’ve got young children who accidentally wet the bed. Karcher has got you covered. The process to clean urine stains is similar to above.

First, soak up excess fluid as much as you can with cloth. Then, spray the stain with mix laundry detergent or hydrogen peroxide. When it’s dried, sprinkle baking soda all over to absorb smell. Let it sit overnight and vacuum it clean on the next day.

Alternatively, for a quicker and more thorough cleaning process, you can also use a spray extraction cleaner to dissolve and remove dirt in a single pass. The powerful mattress cleaner can clean deep into the fibres of textile surfaces under pressure. Thanks to innovative nozzle technology, cleaned surfaces dry in half the time!

Besides saving time, a spray extraction cleaner can also help reduce the risk of mold growth if the mattress is not properly aired out within 24 hours of deep cleaning.

how to remove stains from mattress

Step 3: Steam Clean Mattress to Sanitize, Kill Bacteria and Dust Mites

Next, you will need to use a Karcher Steam Cleaner to steam clean mattress. You can use any of the four steam cleaners available at Karcher, as long as you attach it to the cloth kit and you shall have the job done with no frills.

The high-temperature steam will be able to kill dust mites and their eggs effectively without any chemical agents, which is essential to wash mattress because we would not like to sleep on a mattress full of harmful chemical substances, and so to maintain a clean and healthy climate in your bedroom.

It only takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the model, for water to heat up in order to produce steam and that the microfibre property of the cloth kit is able to pick up dust mites instantly, hence maximise the result of mattress steam cleaning process.

steam clean mattress

Step 4: Remove Dead Dust Mites and Eggs using Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

After the steam cleaning process, you should leave the mattress to dry for a couple of hours.

Then it is time to get rid of dead dust mite and eggs that were killed during the steam cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner and turbo nozzle.

Similar to the first step, all you need to do is to go over every part of the mattress with turbo nozzle to make sure you vacuum up all dead mites and dead eggs residue.


How to Clean Smelly Mattress

To remove odour, such as the smell of sweat, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress, let it sit for a couple of hours, or better yet, overnight, and then vacuum it up to pick up the odour.

If the smell still lingers, you can spray some vinegar on the affected area and then dab it dry with a dry towel paper. However, you need to be careful to not use too much vinegar while cleaning to avoid having pungent vinegar smell lingers on the mattress.

Last but not least, you can always leave your mattress out in direct sunlight to let nature takes its course. The heat of the sunlight plus great air circulation is the best combination to get rid of unpleasant smell.


Having a few stains on your mattress is not the end of the world. Mattress smells bad? Don’t frown. Kärcher has just what you need to save your mattress!

You do not have to replace your mattress very often if you take good care in cleaning it regularly with the right mattress vacuum cleaner and tool.

Visit the nearest Kärcher store near you to test out the best mattress vacuum cleaner and accessories for mattress cleaning for your home.