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PressurePro Active Cleaner, alkaline RM 81

High-pressure cleaning concentrate with a powerful and gentle cleaning action for removing stubborn oil, grease and mineral contamination. Suitable for vehicle and engine wash as well as tarpaulin cleaning.

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Technical data

Packaging size (l) 10
  • Effective high-pressure cleaning agent
  • Dissolves heavy oil, grease and mineral stains
  • Cleaning active at all temperature ranges
  • Gentle cleaning action
  • Pleasant, fresh fragrance
  • Tensides biodegradable in accordance with EEC 648/2004
  • Rapidly separates oil/water in the oil separator (easy to separate=asf)
  • Free of phosphates
  • Silicone free
 PressurePro Active Cleaner, alkaline RM 81
Application areas
  • Transport and machines
  • Car/engine wash
  • Parts cleaning
  • Surface degreasing
  • Tarpaulin cleaning
  • Floor and surface cleaning