Kärcher FloorPro cleaning agents are highly effective and excellent cleaning results are achieved in the shortest time with less effort. In the Kärcher cleaning system, machines, accessories and cleaning agents are perfectly matched. This makes work easier, faster and more convenient. At the same time, optimal protection of the cleaning machines and surfaces to be cleaned are added benefits.

Kärcher  Stain removal

Stain removal

Highly active special cleaner, e.g. for the removal of rubber scuff marks, etc.; powerfully removes even heavy oil and soot contamination; removes oil, tar, etc.

Kärcher  Everyday cleaner

Everyday cleaner

Can be used anywhere; for the maintenance cleaning of all water-resistant hard and resilient floors; extremely economical; streak-free cleaning; very low foaming; reliably dissolves oil, grease and mineral contamination; dries quickly

Kärcher  Intermediate cleaning and care / Spray Cleaner

Intermediate cleaning and care / Spray Cleaner

Cleaning and care in one; removes heel marks and footprints; creates a high-coverage care film; anti-slip; dirt-repellent; abrasion-proof

Kärcher  Basic cleaning agents

Basic cleaning agents

Powerful deep cleaning; heavy contamination; removes even stubborn residue; highly efficient; easy removal of wax, etc.; low foaming; environmentally friendly; fresh scent

Kärcher  Care agents

Care agents

Agent for the care and protection of hard and resilient floor coverings; Excellent coverage, adhesion, slip-resistance and abrasion-resistance; increased resistance; anti-slip, dirt-repellent, abrasion-proof; the floor is harder and more wear-resistant