Scrubber driers

Even the crevices sparkle. Using high contact pressure, scrubbers can clean, strip and polish both uneven and smooth floors or shampoo carpets.

Kärcher  Walk-behind scrubber driers

Walk-behind scrubber driers

Clean small areas quickly: These scrubber driers ensure sparkling cleanliness between customer visits. More economical than wet wiping from 100 m²:

Kärcher  Step-on scrubber driers

Step-on scrubber driers

Users of these machines stand on the platform. The innovative step-on concept combines the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind with the speed of a ride-on.

Kärcher  Ride-on scrubber driers

Ride-on scrubber driers

Suitable from 1500 m²: Kärcher ride-on scrubber driers are the comfortable alternative to large walk-behind machines. Particularly manoeuvrable thanks to their narrow width!

Programmed To Gleam

Kärcher scrubber driers are indispensable assets for all businesses. They are ideal for flawless cleaning and care of both hard and elastic surfaces, including deep cleaning, maintenance care and polishing. Flawless on flat surfaces and on the edges. The result every time is a perfectly clean, shiny and well maintained floor. Kärcher Malaysia offers a varieties of floor scrubbers/ scrubber driers for different needs, which include single-disc machines, walk-behind scrubber driers, step-on scrubber driers and ride-on scrubber driers. Kärcher’s microfiber roller is an absolute high-tech accessory. Unbeatable on fine stone tiles, it gives optimal results on all smooth or slightly textured floors. All floor heads with roller brush technology for machines in the 40-litre class and above are equipped with a sweeping function as standard. The machines scrub, sweep and vacuum very effectively in a single procedure. This makes additional manual pre-sweeping unnecessary in many cases. The state-of-the-art eco!efficiency mode, depending on the model of the machine, energy use, cleaning agent consumption and even water consumption are reduced. This means that the machine can not only work considerably longer, but also saves money. In addition, the machine is also made noticeably quieter. It is best to choose the right model of scrubber drier according to cost. Kärcher provides the extensive experience to assist you in machine selection from an economic point of view and the efficiency of the cleaning solutions.