Step-on scrubber driers

Users of these machines stand on the platform. The innovative step-on concept combines the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind with the speed of a ride-on.

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Versatile in use with unique high performance

Kärcher cleaning system has once again proven its power of innovation with new step-on scrubber driers cleaning machines. This concept is particularly beneficial to building cleaners, industry, commerce, hotels, health care and all types of public buildings.
It’s great when a machine cleans reliably and efficiently. It’s even better if the environment is taken into account when cleaning, with Kärcher step-on scrubber driers cleaning machines. The elaborate construction of the machines saves energy and consumes a minimum of water and cleaning agents. All of the materials used are inspected to ensure flawless quality in order to ensure operating safety and a long service life. Cleaning the tank as well as all other areas of the machine is made easier by simple access to them. Caustic cleaning agents are not unnecessary.
The extraordinarily compact build of the new Kärcher step-on scrubber driers cleaning machines makes them extremely manoeuvrable and ensures glistening cleaning results even over large areas and in difficult-to-reach spaces like walls and edges – with 100% reuptake of the cleaning water. A major benefit is the elevated position of the driver, which affords a clear overview of the area, allowing one to work quickly and safely. The standing position prevents the driver from tiring out while making it easier for the driver to do other things, such as move obstacles that would otherwise prevent cleaning the entire area out of the way. Kärcher cleaning system provides you with wide range of scrubber driers.